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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hi there all! Ok I spent last week in meeting hell. OMG paying 2 people lots of money to tell us that the key to being a great teacher is to form relationships is stupid! And we had to sit through it! Esh!

I will most likely be not here much this week until I get into the groov of school again. Plus we are starting 30 mins earlier. I have to be at school by 6:45 AM. Yeah.. really great for a non-morning person. Hep! Hep!

Kinda down. Had a long talk with my brother about some family stuff and realized that my other Bros and Sisters have been talking together about family stuff for a long time. Glad to know that the loop exists and I'm not a part of it. Gotta love being excluded by family. Spent 2 hours on friday crying about this. Stupid eh? Nothing like family to make you feel smaller than a gnat.

OK off to actually do something maybe even knit.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fun times for all

Monday we'll be back in school so no more morning walks with my lil Cocoa until the next break. Mom will get the pleasure herself and I will miss it. We've been having to go early because it's been sooooo hot lately. For our morning walk we usually go to the same park. It's a good size and Cocoa's lil legs get a nice work out. We let her pick the way she wants to go and usually she picks a different one every morning.

In Clear Lake Park there is a lil childs play area, it has some climbing areas and a few slides. Cocoa loves to slide down the small slide at THAT park. That's not our usual park. Our usual has a couple of kids play areas and a slide similiar to the one at Clear Lake. But Cocoa never tried that slide... until today. Today she climbed up the stairs, peered down the slide and Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Away she went.

At the bottom she... well... she... I need to say that Shih tzu's seem to have this thing that they do... It's like the 100 yard dash at full speed in biiiig circles. It's amusing. Tail and ears fly! After her slide she went into a BIIIIG run around the equipment. It caused the other dog owners to chuckle... outloud... alot!

Then she zoooooooms up the stairs and weeeeeeeeeeeeeee back down the slide one more time. After that she glanced at my mom and headed out the gate toward the car. She stopped once and peered back as if to say... well! Come on! The car is waiting.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I was tagged..
tbudnik tagged me soooooo here it goes...

8 things you might not know about me.

1) I was raised in 7 foreign countries before settling here in the US.
2) I was born in Germany.
3) I did theater work while I was in the Army, so technically the Army paid me to act and stage manage.
4) I am terribly affraid of falling off terribly tall objects. Lots of folks are affraid of heights. I don't mind heights... I get scared of falling off them.
5) My mom was mugged in Iran with me at her side.
6) I love Karaoke.
7) I wish I was taller. I'm only 5'2"
8) I have had 3 photos that I took published in Papers in Va.

Now I must tag 2 peoples.... Nytetyger and Anne


Ack I see that I have been tagged. Will get to that soon. Right now if you like yarn...

ENABLER ALERT! is going out of business. Stuff at least 50% off. Mmmmmmmm Yarn.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

POA Scarf
Ok.. I've been knitting this a while and it's somewhat far along... 4 trapped bars in. But is it toooo wide. It takes forever to do one repeat and it's just knit knit knit along. It's great for taking to movies but otherwise it gets dull! My question is... should I frog it and start it again with even fewer stitches cast on. I didn't do the 90 that atypical knits suggests but I wonder if even fewer wouldn't be wise.



Friday, August 10, 2007

Misc Stuff
I am loving Ravelry. It's waaaay too fun ya know what I mean? It was nice to come back from my mini vacation and have my invite.

I was sorting and stuff like that (ick I know) and I came across something that I had forgotten about. I know I shouldn't have because it IS attatched to one of my WIPs but I have gotten waaaaaaaaaaaay tired of the blankie sooooo I forgot. Sue me!

I do appologize about the blurry photo. It's hot and I'm pooped from all my sorting...

This is an empty Vietnamese (I think) Jello Candy container. Another teacher at work brought the jello candies to her students at the end of the year last year. (On a side note they are funny... they look like prepackaged Jello shots! They aren't, they have no alchohol...) I looked at the jar and went OMG can I have it! It looks alot like those yarn holders that they sell at yarn stores, wal-mart and other various places.
It's cool!
I drilled holes into the top and voila! A Yarn Holder extrodinaire!
You can't see it at the top but there is even a handle. :-)

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Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm in!
I signed in to Ravelry. Wow. I need to log out before I get NOTHING done today.

If you are on it... My SN is KimnCocoa

See you there!


OK I had just hit post and hear the "You've got mail" ding. Go and peek at the email and see this...

frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!

Hey there,
frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!"Here you go! Thanks for your interest in our little site.Let me know if you have any questions or problems!



I'm baaaaaaaaaack
Hi ho all.

Just got back from a short vacation. Mom and I left Houston and headed to the Diamond mines in Arkansas. Waaaaay fun but waaaaaaaaaaay too hot. Then we went from there to Branson, Mo. That also was waaaaay fun but waaaaaaaaay hot.

I took 3 scarves to work on but ended up doing alot of the driving so all I actually worked on was I cast on a Linen Stitch Scarf for my brother. From yarn I found at the Five and Dime in Branson. Yep a 5 & 10. It was fun.

Not sure I love the scarf yet but it's about 2 inches big so I will wait and see. Cross yer fingers.

I checked the antsy o'meter on Ravelry. 125 people in front of me. Flails!

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